Coaching sessions are presented through Skype screen share. You will need a microphone and Skype installed on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. After your booking, add me on skype and set up for the FREE 30 mins’ consultation.

I tailor each session to your individual needs. At the start of each session, I will evaluate your goals and experience verificar isso. Then, I will create a personalized plan depends on your goal, experience, and time available to achieve the goal. I can help you with deck construction, meta-game analysis, gameplay analysis, tournament practice, and much more.

YES! Feel free to shoot me an email or skype message anytime if you need help. Maybe a deck choice, a card selection; maybe you don’t know what cards to pick in arena. I take care my students outside coaching session too! If your questions deserve more attention or require detailed explanation, I highly recommend you book a session with me. Remember, I’m here to help you with anything regarding Hearthstone.

Call me! - Jason

The best way to contact me is skype.
Add me with my email: jasonchenhy94@gmail.com
Game ID: GiantOcean#1261

For hourly sessions, I do my best to accommodate your schedules, and willing to reschedule or cancel the session if you contact me before your session starts. I understand things happen in life, so I will not charge you anything on that.
For late students, I allow 15 mins late. Clock starts to count after 15 mins.
For no shows, no refund will be provided.
For Legend coaching packages, if you do not reach legend by the end of each season, I will refund the full amount. However, once the packages start, it cannot be cancelled.
For Arena coaching, if you get less than 3 wins (include 3 wins), I will refund the session cost, but the draft cost will not be refunded.

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