Review by LastKing
Just wanted to give some feedback; jason was great and the arena session was very informative. we went through discussions on each card pick, and the turn by turn plays as well.
Long story short, he got me a 12-win arena on the first try. would definitely recommend užitečné webové stránky.

Review by Twcaller
Excellent coach, had a 3 hour session that Jason dedicated himself to. Very focused, an excellent player who thoroughly explained his thought process.

I had peaked at rank 1 before tilting back to rank 4 and being stuck there for roughly a week. With Jason’s help, I was able to make it back to rank 1 by the end of our session. Give him a try, I’d definitely recommend him.

Review by wolfman333
Beat my first final boss today(12-2 arena run) Jason knows the game very well and explains the plays and picks accordingly. Recommended.

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